What is the basic gear for tent camping?

Camping is a common activity among many people. It’s the best chance we have to bond with nature as well as talk with friends over almost anything and relish the simple things life has to offer. However, if much care and preparation don’t go into what you have to carry along during a camping trip, the whole event could turn out to be expensive and stressful. So, what is the basic gear needed for camping that would make the camping moment enjoyable and inexpensive? Let have a look at some of the key ones.

1. Tent

A camping experience won’t be complete without a tent. The tent should be sturdy, waterproof and above all easy to assemble. The tent should as well be big enough to provide you with ample space for your sleeping bags, clothing and other camping gears. The common types of tents include the dome-shaped, teepee, tunnel, modified, freestanding and a few others.

2. Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are vital during a camping trip. While anything can do, it’s essential to pick a bag that is made of comfortable material. Conventional sleeping bags are stuffed with cotton and wool in its interiors. If you want to catch a good night sleep while on a camping trip, then you better use the modern sleeping bags-they are highly recommended. Also make sure you are getting the right kind of sleeping bag for where you are camping.  Some bags are rated to below zero temperatures and others are not.  There is nothing worse than spending a night freezing while you’re camping.

3. Backpack

In order to have a good camping experience, you need to bring a few items along either for amusement or survival. This is why a backpack is a must-have. But before you could choose a backpack, it’s better to know what you will be carrying with you. This will help you purchase a bag that is not only comfortable but can carry all your essential stuff. Sturdy sports backpacks with comfortable and freewheeling straps are a good general purpose bag.

4. A comfortable chair

During camping, there will be a lot of chitchats, outdoor viewing, sitting around fires and maybe sports or bird watching. These are all relaxation times, and some of them will take many hours. Having somewhere to sit comfortably will put you at ease and help you savor every minute of your camping moment. Folding chairs are the best to carry since they are light and can provide you with the best level of comfort.

5. A cooking grill

Unless you are going on a fasting mission, you will definitely need to cook your own meals. Sure you could start some fire but what if it’s snowing; besides, weather is never predictable. Carrying a cooking grill can ensure you don’t miss meals even during extremely unfriendly weather conditions. Don’t carry a cooking grill with multiple burners or complex stoves. A portable grill will do just fine-unless if the team is made up of many people.

Camping trips have and will always provide us with rich memories. These are some of the days when we get to unwind and interact with nature. However, in order to enjoy the outdoor experience, you will need some or all of the basic camping gears mentioned above. Other few essentials worth mentioning includes medicine, bandages, spare tires and waterproof shoes.

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