The Perfect Camping Trip

How to Plan the Perfect Camping Trip in 4 Easy Steps

Camping trips can be amazing experiences not only physically, but mentally. When properly done, they can be an exercise in enjoying nature’s beauty, the company of those that you are with (friends and/or family etc.) and a chance to bond. However, done poorly, they can be a complete nightmare filled not only with cranky people, but a general feeling of ‘when will this be over’ as well.

Camping is much more than just slinging a tent over your shoulders and heading out to the nearest woods. It is about bonding with those around you, getting back to nature, and feeling the beauty of nature and land around you. And since it is a lot easier to enjoy the outdoors when you are having a good time, it pays to be prepared for your next outdoors outing. Here are 4 easy steps to help you plan the perfect camping trip:

1. Research your camping location

To begin with, it is very important that you thoroughly research the location that you and your friends/family are planning on camping in. This is because it is prudent to be aware of any dangers well beforehand such as the presence of grizzly bears or if the weather is going to be cooperative. For instance, if you are planning on gong camping during the month of, say, November, which is well known for having a rainy season, then preparing yourself with waterproofs and other such related equipment would be highly advisable.

2. Pack lightly

It may come as a surprise to those who are not ardent campers but when it comes down to it, you do not really need that much stuff in order to have an unforgettable camping trip. Nowadays, you find a lot of families packing suitcases full of clothes and modern accessories such as laptops, but these kinds of things are not really necessary at all. Instead, try to keep it simple by packing light and not fretting in case you forget a few things. You may, however, want to include a few board games and a pack of cards in case there is a rainy day when there isn’t much else to do.

3. Food considerations

Ensure that you know well in advance how you will be eating during the duration of your camping trip. If you plan on going to a state campground there might be a cafe on site, or some restaurants close by, but if you need to pack all your own food it is important to know before you go.

For those with hunting experience, this could be an excellent way of getting your food as nothing quite comes close to cooking fresh meat over a campfire and especially at night. Moreover, you could also carry some food with you, with things such as canned fish and beans being a convenient and easy meal.

4. Fast pitch tent

After a long day hunting or hiking, there is nothing worse than having to spend an extra few hours trying to pitch an all-too complicated tent. Therefore, save yourself the trouble by buying a quick pitch tent that can be set up in minutes and which will consequently give you more time to relax, rest, and have fun with family and friends around the campfire.


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